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Spanish Solar Energy Investment Project

As we look forward to our financial futures, we can do more than plan to retire to the sun. We can invest in it!

Our Spanish Solar Energy investment project is the latest example of the type of innovative investment products which DHKN Life & Wealth are bringing to their client base. Solar energy, in particular, has come of age since the government of Spain and the European Union set aggressive targets to raise the use of renewable sources to over 20% of total consumption requirements by the year 2010. Spain's response has been to establish a firm legal basis for incentivising investment in renewable energy which, tied to improvements in solar technology, has created a unique opportunity that rewards the private sector while efficiently fulfilling public policy objectives. This lucrative opportunity in the Spanish Solar energy sector is backed by the Spanish government and protected in Spanish law by way of a Royal Decree.

Solar farms offer a completely green form of renewable energy, and have a positive impact on the environment. Spain is perfectly located to take advantage of solar farming, as it receives 30% more sunlight than its northern EU partners.

DHKN Life & Wealth, in co-operation with our partners, Quintas Wealth Management in Cork, set up a Spanish company, Quintas Energy S.L. in 2007.  This company is now actively involved in the management and assessment of solar energy farms across Spain and is already recognised as an industry leader in the field.  Quintas Energy is also currently evaluating a number of other similar projects across Europe.

Having successfully completed Phase I fundraising of €44 million, Quintas Energy has now partnered with AIB for the launch of Phase II which provides a real alternative to the more traditional investment offerings such as property and equities.

Please click here to view AIB's press release issued on October 9th 2009 on their partnership with Quintas Energy.

For more information on Quintas Energy and the investment opportunity in this marketplace, please click here.

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