Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a term that is commonly used by financial institutions and advisors often without much consideration for the specific circumstances of individuals. DHKN Life & Wealth define wealth management as being the process of assessing, considering and managing the financial resources of individuals to ensure that these resources are sufficient to meet each individual’s financial objectives in all circumstances. Wealth Management incorporates and encapsulates all of the services provided by DHKN Life & Wealth.

DHKN Life & Wealth have considerable experience in managing individual portfolios. As part of the DHKN Group we can avail of facilities that ensure any financial planning a client undertakes is done in a tax efficient manner appropriate to the circumstances arising. We are conscious that no two circumstances are the same and we individually tailor requirements based on the specifics of each client. We are also aware that circumstances change and as part of our service to clients, we endeavour to ensure that client requirements are constantly updated to reflect any such changes.