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Selling your Business

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We know that selling your business can be both an exciting and a challenging time for business owners.

We provide a hands-on approach to assist you every step of the way, while helping that the value of your business is maximised.

For example, our approach to selling your business could include:

  • Develop a sales strategy
  • Prepare and distribute an Information Memorandum on the business
  • Identify interested parties and develop a competitive environment for the sale of the business
  • Negotiate with prospective purchasers
  • Guide you through Heads of Terms, right through to completion of the deal
  • Advise on any corporate or personal tax issues and plan accordingly

Prior to marketing your business, DHKN can help in grooming the business for sale. The following measures will not only add value, but will also make the sale process quicker and easier for you:

  • Focus on sales.  The value of your business will correlate closely to increases or decreases in sales, so targeting sales growth is a must.
  • Review operating costs. Your business should be lean and efficient. What further improvements can be made?
  • The Team. Developing a strong management team and a clear organisation structure is important to show potential buyers that the business will run just as smoothly without you, the owner, at its helm.
  • Address risk areas now. A prospective purchaser will carry out due diligence and will uncover any risk areas such as over-reliance on key parties.  Address these areas now and ensure a much smoother process.
  • Consider your business structure. Few businesses of any size are sale ready without some restructuring.
  • Prepare your documents.  Compile key documents now such as leases and contracts.  These will be required as part of the sale process.
  • Obtain professional advice. Strategic planning, legal and tax advice will ultimately help you maximise the value of your business.

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