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Corporate Governance & Compliance

Quality, Commitment, Service


Quality, Commitment, Service

Good corporate governance makes a business stronger, more resilient and attracts keener interest from potential employees as well longer-term business partners or customers.

Failing to make corporate returns when they're due can result in fines, damage to reputation or worse for company directors and owners.

The reporting burden on many Irish companies and their directors can be overwhelming particularly with the pace of change of legal and regulatory requirements.

The costs of poor compliance can be more than just financial.

It can damage to the reputation of the business and its directors which in turn can reduce the attractiveness of the business for employees, new business partners and potential or existing customers. Reputation counts for a lot!

Our Corporate Compliance team, lead by George Alton, MSc, ICSA, has extensive knowledge and experience in company law matters and provides a complete range of services and advice to Company Directors.

We work in partnership with our audit and tax teams to provide you with effective solutions for company law issues.

We help you and your fellow directors ensure that your Company remains compliant with its statutory corporate compliance obligations.

Our team will provide advice and assistance throughout your Company’s lifecycle; from incorporation, through ongoing annual compliance, event-driven restructuring and perhaps eventual sale or transfer to family members.

George Alton ACG

Associate Director
Corporate Governance & Compliance


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