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Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services


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At DHKN, we provide strategic advice as to how our clients can add value, reduce costs and improve efficiency through the identification and management of key risks, and through improved levels of internal and external compliance.

The identification and management of risks in order to achieve strategic objectives is quickly becoming a key component of the business landscape in Ireland.

DHKN is a premier provider of internal audit, risk management and general regulatory compliance services to a host of clients, operating in both public and private sectors. Our dedicated professionals seek to create value in our clients’ organisations by identifying existing risks, monitoring and providing early warning of new risks, developing risk mitigation plans and improving processes and efficiency.

Our overall objective across these services offered is to provide an assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations.

DHKN Limited is registered to carry on audit work and is authorised to carry on investment business by Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Proinsias Kitt

Managing Partner
Audit & Tax


Stephen Crowley

Audit, Assurance & Advisory


Robert Clinton

Audit, Assurance & Advisory


Internal Audit

At DHKN we recognise that internal audit is fundamentally concerned with evaluating an organisation’s management of risk. All organisations face risks. The key to an organisation’s success is to manage those risks effectively – more effectively than competitors and as effectively as stakeholders demand.

To evaluate how well risks are being managed the DHKN provides internal audit services which will assess the quality of risk management processes, systems of internal control and corporate governance processes, across all parts of an organisation and report this directly and independently to the most senior level of executive management and to the board’s audit committee.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is a business concern arising from an ever-increasing number of regulations that businesses need to comply with.  

At DHKN, we see compliance with regulations as an opportunity for your organisation to achieve best practice rather than just a “box-ticking” exercise.


Risk Management

As organisations and the world they operate in become more complex, so too, risk management is gaining a steadily higher profile in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors for the evaluations and insight it provides about how well risks are being managed within an organisation.

DHKN provides risk management services to a range of clients, across a broad spectrum of industries, both public and private sector. Our services provided will ensure each key internal/external risk of your organisation is identified, assessed, reported and monitored and we aim to assist the management team with managing and mitigating those risks; 

Our experienced staff will assist in the development and implementation of an annual risk management plan including the monitoring of systems and controls to provide assurance that all key internal controls are operating satisfactorily in order to mitigate against the key risks they have been designed for.


Specialist Areas – Credit Union Services

DHKN has established a specialist Credit Union Services Division, which comprises of individuals with extensive experience in meeting the specific requirements of Credit Unions.

Over the past number of years, DHKN has established a specialist Credit Union Services Division, led by Stephen Crowley F.C.A. (Partner), which comprises of individuals with extensive experience in meeting the specific requirements of Credit Unions.  Our dedicated professionals provide expert knowledge to the board of directors and management of credit unions on all aspects of their business.  Our experienced staff will bring skills developed arising from their background and work in other practice areas within the firm.


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