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Revenue Audit & Interventions

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Revenue audits and compliance interventions are a central component of the Irish Self-Assessment Tax System.

Individuals and businesses often find Revenue interventions worrying and demanding on both their time and resources. Where a tax liability arises there can be a number of options available from undertaking a self-correction, without a penalty, to making a qualifying disclosure which can mitigate penalties arising and avoid publication and prosecution.

Revenue audits are generally arise from risk-based assessments by Revenue of individuals and businesses Undertaking a tax health check can ensure that you maintain a level of compliance that meets Revenue requirements and reduce the risk of interventions.

Not all Revenue interventions take the form of a Revenue audit or Revenue investigation. Revenue also have a number of non-audit compliance interventions that include: assurance checks, aspect queries, profile interviews, site visits and follow up of outstanding returns.

Regardless of type of intervention it is important that individuals and businesses are aware of the implications of the intervention and the options available.

Our services include:

  • Undertaking tax health checks
  • Pre audit tax review
  • Advice in relation to Revenue audits and compliance interventions
  • Advice and assistance in completing qualifying disclosures, self corrections, etc.
  • Providing the necessary assistance in a Revenue audit and negotiating settlements

DHKN’s tax experts can help individuals and businesses carefully manage their Revenue intervention and provide the necessary support throughout the process.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact one of the team below.

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