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DHKN’s tax experts work with a range of clients, from family businesses and SME’s to large corporate groups, operating in a wide range of industry sectors.  Our tax experts have many years of experience advising businesses at all stages of their life cycles.

At DHKN we work closely with our clients to enable our clients to meet all compliance obligations, to identify tax opportunities and to avoid exposure to risks.

DHKN understands that all businesses have different needs.  We have developed a comprehensive understanding of the different industry sectors which enables DHKN to deliver taxation services to our clients that meet their needs.

Our Corporate Taxation services include:

  • Business / Group structure advice.
  • Tax efficient financing structures.
  • Tax incentives.
  • Reconstruction, mergers and demergers.
  • Pre-sale restructuring.
  • Tax efficient remuneration packages for executives including share options / awards.
  • Extracting value for shareholders tax efficiently, including pension planning.
  • Advising legal and other professional firms.
  • Dealing with Revenue with regard to Revenue audits and interventions.

We also provide annual Corporate Tax compliance services, including R&D tax credit claims, optimising capital allowance claims and tax health checks.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of our tax team.

Our Experts

Robert Lohan

Taxation Advice, Strategy & Planning


Michelle Egan

Taxation Advice, Strategy & Planning


Fiona Finnerty

Taxation Advice, Strategy & Planning


Cathy Hackett

Taxation Advice, Strategy & Planning


Eoghan McGuire

Taxation Advice, Strategy & Planning


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