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Practice Optimisation

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As a practitioner in the medical or dental field, your priority is quality of care for your patients. While important clinical work is central to the success of any medical or dental practice, this must be supported by a robust business model that supports you in carrying out your duties.

In a high tax, high overhead environment, managing a practice efficiently is a skill that has never been more important to ensure the success, and even the survival of your practice.

We know that working longer hours will not guarantee greater income, that’s why life-work balance is an integral part of our practice optimisation review.

By conducting a thorough assessment of your practice, we can use our decades of experience to identify areas for improvement, highlight cash leakage points and help you maximise the potential of your practice.

We have seen transformative results from the implementation of our recommendations.

Our review will cover areas such as:

  • Appraisal of wages and staff efficiency
  • Examine the time management systems in place, taking into consideration consultation slots, practice hours and staffing schedules etc.
  • Assess whether outsourcing or insourcing of certain tasks is more financially beneficial
  • Review of lease terms and renegotiation of rent
  • Investigate supply and utility costs and identify potential reductions
  • Review of loans and other financial commitments
  • Enquiry into cash flow management in the practice

We will provide you with a tailored report with recommendations and strategies to improve the efficiency of your practice

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