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Incorporation, Re-Registrations & Branch Registration

Company Incorporation

We provide advice in relation to the characteristics of the company types permitted under the Companies Act 2014 and the company type appropriate to your particular circumstances. DHKN will prepare the draft company formation documentation for signature and thereafter lodge the company formation application on your behalf with the CRO. Normally incorporation of a company takes place within five days of submission of the application to the CRO.

The Companies Act 2014 categorises companies as Private, Public or Unlimited as below:

Private Limited Company

  • Company Limited by Shares (‘LTD’)
  • Designated Activity Company (‘DAC’)
    • Limited by Shares
    • Limited by Guarantee having a share capital


  • Public Limited Company (‘PLC’)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee without a share capital (‘CLG’)


  • Private Unlimited Company (‘ULC’)
  • Public Unlimited Company (‘PUC’)
  • Public Unlimited Company not having a share capital (‘PULC’)

DHKN provides its clients with advice on the company law requirements for company stationery and websites.


We can advise you in relation to the benefits and disadvantages of the various company types in respect of your particular circumstances and suggest the appropriate company type for your organisation. Thereafter we can prepare the necessary draft company secretarial documentation for execution together with a suitably tailored form of constitution for your company and arrange for the re-registration of your company in the Companies Registration Office.

Branch Registration

Any limited company incorporated outside of Ireland that establishes a branch here must register as a branch within 30 days of the establishment of the branch.

The filing requirements for EEA companies differ from those for non-EEA companies. DHKN can provide you with guidance in relation to the requirements for your company and its branch registration, and assist with the initial branch registration and thereafter the annual filings that are required to be made to the CRO in relation to your branch.

From 9th June 2018, an unlimited company that is a subsidiary of another body corporate whose members have limited liability and which intends to establish a branch in Ireland will have to register as a branch and file its financial statements in the CRO.

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